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Maxi Cabs services that can be booked anytime and anywhere around Sydney which are well within your budget. We aim to Provide the best maxi/taxi service at least prices so that people can afford. Our Maxi Cabs are well equipped with all the essential things that must be present to make our passengers journey a pleasant ride. 

When it comes to efficient and comfortable group travel in Sydney, Wav Maxi Cab Sydney stands out as the ultimate solution. From its spacious vehicles to professional drivers and easy booking process, Wav Maxi Cab Sydney offers a comprehensive experience for hassle-free transportation.

If you are traveling along with your group and worrying to get Transfer no need to worry Wav maxi cabs are here to help you out with your transfer needs. Book Wav Maxi Cab Services for your Corporate Crew, Maxi taxi Sydney Airport, Cruise Transfers, Party Friends or Wedding Transfers, Wheelchair Taxi, Baby Seat Taxi, Suburbs or any Events Transfers, NDIS(National Disability Insurance Scheme) and much more. If you are worry of our pricings, then keep your faith high that we deliver our exclusive maxi taxi services at affordable prices only.

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Maxi Cab Sydney - For Group Travels

The Sydney has no shortage of attractions, making it a top destination for group travel. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or colleagues, Maxi Cab Sydney is your go-to choice for group transfers. maxi van/taxi services in Sydney ensures everyone can travel together with its roomy interiors and many seats. We work hard to offer the finest and most reasonable fares. 

So, book maxi  taxi with us right now! And if you’re worried about our costs, you can rest easy knowing that we offer maxi cab taxi Sydney services at reasonable prices. Improving the enjoyment and memory of your journey.

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How Many Passengers Can Fit In A Maxi Cab In Sydney

A maxi cab in Sydney is typically a maxi that is bigger in size when compared to standard taxis. Whether you need a transfer for airport or  group travel to different meeting points or for professional employees regular transfers, and have a lot of luggage, we recommend booking no more than six seats. Wav maxi taxis sydney airport is  an excellent option to choose. Call Wav Maxi for Maxi Cab booking now.

  • Upto 12 passengers
  • Comfortable and Roomy
  • Huge Luggage Space
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Based on 169 reviews
Michael Wakelin
Michael Wakelin
13. September, 2023
Best maxi taxi in Sydney
Nadine Bolton
Nadine Bolton
12. September, 2023
Best maxi taxi
M S Jaman
M S Jaman
9. September, 2023
Best maxi taxi Sydney
Rod Ruales
Rod Ruales
9. September, 2023
best maxi taxi serivce 24/7
Mark Williams
Mark Williams
5. August, 2023
Great service, responsive, adaptable to weather changes. Highly recommend 🙂
Christina Pigott
Christina Pigott
5. August, 2023
Your amazing team was just amazing On the return trip home your incredible driver had children music on and coloured lights on the rooftop to entertain 2.5 years old and 9 month You made it all so easy with your very thoughtful drivers to the function and return It was a very emotional day for us as a family as it was the first year anniversary of their father and my husband of his passing Would highly recommend your beautiful service to anyone Thank you Warm regards Christina

Book 1 - 12 Seater Large Maxi Cab / Maxi/Taxis Sydney And Suburbs

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4 Passengers Sydney Taxi

  • 4 Seater
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4 Passengers sedan Cab

  • 4 Seater
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4 Seater Sydney Transfers

  • 4 Seater

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7 Passengers Sydney Taxi

  • 7 Seater
Wav Maxi 7 Seaters 02 Wav Maxi Cabs

7 Passengers Airport Taxi

  • 7 Seater
Wav Maxi 7 Seaters 03 Wav Maxi Cabs

7 Seater Sydney Transfers

  • 7 Seater

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12 Passengers Sydney Maxi

  • 12 Seater
Wav Maxi 11 Seaters 02 Wav Maxi Cabs

12 Passengers Maxi Cab

  • 12 Seater
Wav Maxi 11 Seaters 03 Wav Maxi Cabs

12 Seater Sydney Transfers

  • 12 Seater

What is the Luggage Capacity of Wav Maxi Taxi?

The luggage capacity of Wav Maxi Taxis depends on the seating capacity of the vehicle. 11-seater Maxi Taxi typically has the capacity to carry up to 11 bags of luggage, while a 7-seater Maxi Taxi can comfortably accommodate up to 7 bags of luggage. However, it’s essential to consider the size of the bags and any additional passengers when determining the exact luggage capacity for your specific journey.

Keep in mind that Wav Maxi/Taxis are designed to provide large space for both passengers and their luggage, making them an excellent choice for group travel or individuals with substantial baggage. If you have specific requirements or concerns about luggage capacity, it’s advisable to communicate them with the Maxi service when booking maxi your ride to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free journey.

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Why Choose WavMaxiCabs Taxi Service in Sydney?

Our Professional Drivers

Professional and Experienced Drivers:
Wav Maxi Cab drivers are more than just chauffeurs; highly experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of navigating Sydney’s streets. They are expertise ensures that you reach your destination on time and enjoy a smooth and pleasant journey.

How to book a Maxi/Taxi Service in advance?

Booking a taxi with Maxi Cab Taxi is effortless. Contact us at 0451555009 or via email at bookings@wavmaxicabs.com.au. Alternatively, visit our website where our dedicated support team ensures quick responses to assist in booking your taxi.

  • Spacious
  • Professional Drivers
  • Customisable
  • 24*7 Availability

Website Form :

Fill out the details on our website for advanced maxi cab booking

Call :

Call our executives to get your maxi cab booking done

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Message :

Give us a text with your ride details and get your Booking done in just a few steps.

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Chat us through our website and get your booking done anytime you need.

Maxi Excessive in Space

Maxi/Taxi Sydney At It’s Best! – Book Your Maxi Van Today!
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Is There a Difference Between Taxi And a maxi-taxi in Sydney

If you are traveling with more than four people, a maxi taxis is the ideal choice because it offers more space for passengers and luggage.Yes, there’s a difference between a regular taxi and a Maxi taxi in Sydney. A Maxi taxi is a larger vehicle specifically designed to accommodate more passengers, making it ideal for group travels.

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What is the booking process for a Taxi Maxi Sydney?

Booking a Wav Maxi Cab is simple and user-friendly. You can conveniently book online through bookings@wavmaxicabs.com.au, or you can call (02) 87199963. It saves your time and effort. We will send a cab your way shortly after you make a reservation. However, we recommend making your reservations as soon as possible to ensure our drivers can meet your needs and provide you with a maxi/taxi that meets your requirements.

Are Maxi Cab drivers familiar with Sydney's routes?

Yes, Maxi Cab drivers are seasoned experts well-acquainted with Sydney’s intricate routes, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey.

Does the fare change according to passengers traveling?

No matter how many people are traveling but not exceed the maximum passengers i.e. upto twelve members. The fare can vary depending on the day/time you choose to travel. Rest assured Wav maxi cabs try our best to give you the most affordable pricing that is possible.

When I Use My Credit/debit Card, Are There Any Additional Charges?

When you take a Maxi Cab Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle, they have a payment system that allows you to pay electronically using a credit card or EFTPOS. However, when you use this payment method, there is an additional fee of 5% that is charged to your card. This fee can be added automatically or manually by the driver, depending on the type of payment device they have. If you want to avoid this extra fee, you can choose to pay with cash instead.

Can I Book a Maxi Cab for airport transfers?

Maxi Cab Sydney provides comfortable airport transfers for groups, ensuring a stress-free journey to or from the airport.

How will a passenger get a Maxi Taxi at Airport?

1. Airport Pickup: We have an Airport rideshare pickup zone where all our maxi taxis are parked. Once you book a maxi taxi, your ride will arrive at your location in on time.

2. International airport taxi and Domestic Airport taxi: Whether you are flying within the country or traveling abroad, your ride is just a call away.

Ride and arrive in style.

Taxi Maxi ride all the way from the beginning to the end. It’s just a few clicks away!