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Book Your Baby Seat Maxi Online & Get Instant Confirmation. Are you looking for an affordable and safe travel solution?  Book a baby seat Taxi Maxi now.

Book your Sydney ride through us online with a Baby Seat Taxi Maxi cab. Get child seat maxi cabs fast via wav maxi cabs Sydney. Our reliable and safe maxi network makes your Sydney trip hassle free.

Pre-Book Your Taxi With Baby Seat

Child Boosters, Toddler Baby Seats & Car Seats for Infants. Heading to the Sydney airport, Suburb train station, or any special occasion, confused about whether you need to use a child car seat in a Maxi Cab? Then call us for complete information about Baby Seat Maxi Cab.

Below 2 year old needs the child/car seat. Still, have doubts about the baby seat taxi? Dial 1300 928 793. Book Your Baby Seat Taxi In Advance.

Safe and Secure Infant Taxi

Planning a trip to and from the Sydney airport? You can always request the Wav Maxi Cabs operators for a child seat @ free of charge. We provide the best and comfort child/Baby seats if they travel with you. Hurry Up Book Baby Seat Maxi Cab Now.

Our perfectly fitted child and booster seats ensure that your child gets a joyful and comfortable ride. When you’re booking a Wav Maxi Cab, please don’t hesitate to mention any special features you require for optimal comfort in Baby Seat Maxi Cab.


We offer reliable baby seats

All of our wav maxi cab drivers are well trained and experienced in fitting baby seats to our vehicles. So you can travel confident that your child will travel in safety and comfort.

We aim to ensure the most effective level of baby seat maxi-taxi service and given the importance of these seats, and their proper use. This is something that we are at wav, more than happy to offer. If you want your kid to be confident about traveling safely, make sure you travel with a perfectly fitted baby seat maxi.

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Why Choose Sydney Baby Taxi?

WAV Baby seat Taxi service has been successfully operating throughout Sydney since 2010. We deliver the best infant/baby seat maxi cab services for families and those with babies and children. WAV Maxi Cabs range of cars include luxury sedan cars as well as Vans, Maxi Taxis to fit the whole family (and luggage).

Wav Maxi offers the latest 4 seat sedans and luxury vehicles for your comfort and security. We are not just your standard maxi service, our cars and drivers offer a secure, comfortable baby taxi service.

Safe Child/ Baby Seat Service In Sydney

Our passenger’s safety is our priority. We ensure that all our taxi baby seats are fully certified to Australian Standard. You will find all our taxi maxi seats are fully labelled and WAV have them inspected regularly by authorized checking portals.

Bay Seat Maxi/Taxi Sydney

All our wav maxi drivers are fully trained and professional to ensure your baby /child is comfortable and safely seated in their car seat, capsule, or booster seat.

WAV Maxi Cabs can accommodate any combination of up to 3 car seats (booster, car seat or capsule) for your Sydney ride.

To enjoy the best baby seat service in our cabs pre-book or book online WAV CABS through https://www.wavmaxicabs.com.au/ or call us at +61 481 700 500.

Taxi With Child Seat Sydney Airport

When you are going with a baby and a lot of luggage and need a dependable transportation service to the airport that offers amiable drivers, luxury baby seats to airport transfer, affordable pricing, and a spotless vehicle, you must use a taxi with a baby seat at Sydney airport. We meet all the criteria! Our unwavering service standard and top-notch customer service have helped us establish a solid reputation. Baby seats, Baby capsules, and Booster seats are among the three types of child safety seats we offer. Baby seat taxi Sydney keeps the child in the designated area in the event of an abrupt acceleration. Additionally, our qualified drivers take full security precautions. our knowledgeable drivers will accompany you on the journey and are well-versed in the routes. The baby seat is quite safe thanks to its three-way padding and seat belt-like harness, and the entire thing is snug enough for the infant to have a peaceful snooze. waiting at the airport, round-the-clock assistance, and a promise of prompt arrival. Families with young children can travel in Sydney taxis equipped with Baby seat taxi Sydney. The safety and comfort of their child are what matters most to parents. To make traveling with infants in Sydney easy and worry-free, we have developed our taxi service with a baby seat. We promise that when you reserve a cab with us for your early-morning travel to the airport, your vehicle will arrive at least five minutes early.

Use our user-friendly online booking system at Wav Maxi Cabs to reserve a baby seat taxi in Sydney. You can also text us at 0287199963 or call us at 1300928793.

Baby Seat Taxi Sydney Types by Wav Maxi Cabs

Baby seats, Baby capsules, and Booster seats are among the three types of child safety seats we offer. Baby seat taxi Sydney Wav Maxi Cabs keeps the child in the designated area in the event of an abrupt acceleration. Types of seats:-

Baby seat taxi

When taking a cab with a baby, it’s best to use a special car seat designed for taxis. Infant car seats are passive restraints that must be used correctly to be effective. Group 0 car seats, also known as infant carriers, are designed to be used with a regular adult seat belt and/or an ISOFIX fitting to keep the baby safely secured in a rear-facing position. Both of the car’s rear seat belts are fastened around the baby seats. To clarify, a baby seat is a restraint system designed to fit a child in a rearward-facing, semi-recumbent position; both types have handles to make this transition easier. The taxi service offered by Wave Maxi is a luxurious aby-seater. In the event of a head-on collision, the restraining forces are distributed across the child’s head and body, but not its limbs. Wav Maxi Cab is the best place to get in touch with if you need a taxi in Sydney with a child seat. Try looking up taxi services online, or call 1300928793.

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Infant Taxi

Baby capsules are safe for infants and can be used for up to six months, depending on the child’s shoulder height. Whenever possible, it is set up so that it faces backward. Wav Maxi Cabs can accommodate families with infants younger than 6 months old. Each baby capsule in a Child seat taxi in Sydney has a base that can remain in the vehicle and a seat for the child that can be taken out. This facilitates both the removal of the capsule from the vehicle and its subsequent use as a carrier. Adapters allow the capsule to be attached to a standard stroller frame, transforming it into a pram. Many parents praise baby capsules for their convenience, citing how easy it is to transfer their sleeping child from the car to the house and back again. New parents quickly learn how challenging it is to put their infant to sleep at such a young age, and once they’ve succeeded, nothing should interfere with the infant’s routine nap times. If you’re looking for information on Sydney baby capsule seats, you’ve found the right place. Call Wav Maxi Cabs at 1300928793.

Booster seat

Children aged 4 to 8 years old are required to use a forward-facing child restraint or a booster taxi seat. The age and size of the animal will determine the species. Our Wav Maxi Cabs come with an integrated harness and top tether strap to keep your child safe while traveling. Children from around 4 years old up to around 8 years old can use our booster seats with either a lap-sash seatbelt or a regular seatbelt. Call Wav Maxi Taxis at 1300 92 87 93 and ask for a booster seat if you’re planning a trip with a child older than 4 years old.

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We offer free baby seats in our taxis

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Cabs With Baby Seat Services by Wav Maxi Cabs

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No, all the taxis in Sydney not fitted with baby seats. You should request while booking a Sydney Taxi Service. Or you can opt child seat option while booking through online forms in advance.

Children under 135 cm height or 12 years must use the correct child car seat while traveling in a taxi, van or any vehicle as per the law. Yes, 3 years old can ride without a car seat, if the taxi or cab seat belts properly fitted and should sit on the back seat.

Don’t worry you can easily travel with your infant seat and enjoy the travel because we made our baby seat vans with full security.

Don’t worry take out your phone and avail the best taxi service for the baby seat and reached your own place within the blink of an eye.

Yes, there are baby seat taxis available in Sydney. You may contact Wav Maxi Cabs to request one of our comfortable baby seat taxis. We also offer baby seats, baby capsules, and booster seats. To request one of these services, call 1300928793.

In New South Wales, you can obtain a taxi with several infant seats; Wav Maxi Cabs offers a cab with a child seat in NSW. For kids in Sydney, we offer baby seat services such as Baby seats, Baby capsules, and Booster seats. Wav Maxi Cabs may be reached at 1300928793.

Excluding New South Wales, the following statutes apply throughout Australia: Infants and toddlers must sit in the very back of the vehicle and, if a car seat is available, must use it.

All children aged 1 to 7 are required to sit in the back row. If a car seat is not available, they must use a properly fastened adult lap-sash seatbelt.

Children under the age of 12 are asked to occupy the rearmost seats. If the backseat is full, the tallest child can ride as a passenger.

Get in touch with Wav Maxi Cabs at 1300928793 if you’re planning on taking a trip with your young child.

The baby will be helped into the cab by our driver. The baby seat must be installed in the back of the taxi, private hire car, or minicab, or the airbag must be deactivated. If seat belts are not provided, they may ride in the back unrestrained, but this is not a safe option. Booking a taxi in Sydney with a child seat that has seat belts or child seats provided by Wav Maxi Cabs is preferable. Contact Wav Maxi Cabs using the form on our website or by calling 1300928793.

you need a taxi service that can accommodate a child, you can fill out the online form on our site or give us a call at 1300928793 and ask for a taxi that is equipped to carry your little one safely and securely in one of our many baby seats, baby capsules, or booster seats.

Newborns are welcome, and you can call us at 1300928793 to inquire about our infant seating options (including the Baby Capsule and the Baby seat) or simply bring the infant in your lap.

There are a lot of cab companies that offer taxi with child seat, but if you want to make sure your kid rides in comfort (and without crying) call Wav Maxi Cabs at 1300928793 and ask about our child-friendly cabs

Yes, you can take your toddler in a taxi in Sydney with a child safety seat. If you’re looking for a taxi service Taxi with child seat that’ll keep your little one calm and content, call Wav Maxi Cabs at 1300928793.

Inquire about the many options for child safety seats available from Wav Maxi Cabs by calling 1300928793 child with taxi sydney. These include baby seats, baby capsules, and booster seats.

You can bring an infant along in a taxi with baby seat, or you can call Wav Taxi Cabs, where you can request a taxi equipped with a baby seat. (The taxi company’s number is 1300 92 87 93.)