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Why Choose 'Wav Maxi' Baby Seat Taxi?

Wav Maxi provides exceptional service to their customers by providing comfortable and safe baby seats taxis for children under 1 years old, Booster Seat for 3 to 7 years old, for 0 to 1 New Born there is Baby Capsule and Infant for 6 to 8 years old . We strive to maintain the reliability and safety of the passengers. Also, we have been serving customers in Sydney for the last 10 years with a wide range of Maxi Taxi with baby seat in Sydney with our professional drivers and exceptional service to the Maxi taxi industry in Sydney.

As per the NSW government and point-to-point regulations, it is mandatory to have a taxi baby seat for those individuals or families who are travelling with their children in a cab. People willing to book a taxi with a child seat will always choose the ‘Wav Maxi’ baby seat taxi.
Book our Reliable and comfortable options of baby car seat taxi’s all over in Sydney.


Taxi with Baby seat Sydney

Wav Maxi Taxi with Baby Seat service in Sydney plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of your children when traveling with their families. Choosing the right taxi baby seat service can be a challenging aspect of family travel. Wav Maxi Baby Seat Taxi is dedicated to providing a highly professional service, prioritizing the safety and comfort of children during their taxi rides.

Notably, Wav Maxi offers child seats in their taxis for young children under five years old. This additional feature enhances the overall safety and convenience of families using their services.

We are committed to maintaining the professionalism and integrity of our online reputation within the taxi industry in Sydney.

We aim to provide a secure and reliable transportation option for families, building trust and confidence in our services.

Wav Maxi Cabs

We are an NSW government-registered network in Sydney, complying with all the guidelines of the Australian government.

Safe Baby Seat Taxi Service in Sydney

Travel with peace of mind: Wav Maxi Cabs offers safe and convenient taxi baby seat services in Sydney. Pre-book online and ensure your little one travels comfortably and securely in an approved child restraint seat.

Wav Maxi offers secure, reliable, and comfortable baby seat taxis in Sydney. The safety of our passengers comes first. We make sure that every car seat we provide satisfies Australian Standard AS 1754 requirements. Every car seat has a complete label, and authorized checking stations inspect them on a regular basis.

We aim to maintain our identity at a certain level following point-to-point regulations.

Wav Maxi provides the best taxis in Sydney with comfortable and safe baby seat taxis.
For any additional inquiries about our government-registered business, you can visit Here
Also, we provide up to two baby car seats for free, and we can accommodate a maximum of 3 baby seats in our taxis as per the requirement.


Double the Safety, Zero the Cost, Enjoy Complimentary Two Baby Seats in Our Maxis!

We prioritize your comfort and your little ones’ safety. That’s why we stay extra careful to ensure your journey is not only convenient but also secure. Our commitment to safety is reflected in our offering of not just one, but two complimentary baby seats in our taxis.

We believe in doubling the safety measures without doubling the expenses. Unlike other services that charge extra for such crucial accommodations, we make sure your peace of mind comes at no additional cost.

Child with Baby Seat Cab Service Sydney

If you’re planning to travel with your baby and you have lots of luggage with you, you should make sure that you are traveling with a reliable transportation service that will not only provide you with a smooth and comfortable journey but will also ensure the safety and security of your child.

We not only offer a comfortable seat for your baby but also make sure that it’s affordable and luxurious. Along with this, we also ensure that the baby seat is designed as per the safety norms prescribed by the government so that you travel hassle-free.

Moreover, our experienced drivers make sure that you and your baby do not face any kind of trouble while traveling and ensure that they take full security precautions. Our drivers also have a full knowledge of all the routes in Sydney.


Baby Seat in a Maxi Cab| Maxi Baby Seat Taxi in Sydney

A Reliable Taxi Service with baby child seat taxi

Wav Maxi Cabs has received over 250 positive reviews on both Google and Facebook for their outstanding taxi service in Sydney.
We welcome new customers with children to try our service for the first time and experience the positive changes Wav Maxi can make on your journey.
We understand the importance of your children’s comfort and prioritize their safety in our taxis.
Our commitment is to work diligently and offer the safest and most reliable baby seat taxis in Sydney.

Airport Transfer with children requires a baby seat

If you are a visitor to Sydney from another Australian nation or city, or if you live there. And looking for a Sydney airport taxi with a baby seat Wav Maxi Cabs offers competitive return trip deals, making your journey stress-free and enjoyable.

Strategically Domestic and International Terminals located in Mascot, just a short distance from the CBD, both the Domestic and International Terminals are easily accessible. With the Domestic Terminals nearly 13 km away and the International Terminals approximately 18 km from the city center, reaching your destination has never been more convenient. Our reliable taxi services cater to both locals and visitors, ensuring seamless transfers to and from the Sydney airport.

We offer free baby seats in our taxis
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Yes! You can book the baby seat taxi with a baby capsule or infant seat for your newborn baby.
If you need to book a taxi with a baby seat. Call us on 0291725680.
Email: bookings@wavmaxicabs.com.au.

The cost depends on the availability and high-demand areas. Additionally, there are no extra charges for baby seats.

No, taxis can provide up to 1 baby seats for free. Taxi drivers in Sydney carry up to 1 baby seats in their maxi taxis for children below the age of 12 months requires the baby seat taxi, if the customer required one more baby seat for their childern we may charge as per the situations.

A sedan taxi can only accommodate four passengers and four pieces of luggage. Because baby seats take up a lot of space in a sedan, there isn’t enough room to use them. However, some sedan taxi drivers may still carry baby seats.

Yes! As per the NSW government, it is mandatory for you to book a child seat taxi in Sydney if you have children under the age of 5 years who may require a baby seat taxi. Which allows your little one to ride with comfort and safety.

To book a sedan or maxi taxi in Sydney, ‘Wav Maxi’ doesn’t charge a booking fee to the customers for advance bookings. Additionally, there are no hidden charges for pre-bookings.

 Yes! Wav Maxi provides ready now booking facility to the customers. Passengers get the closest taxi in a minutes after booking. Sometimes, drivers reach the pickup location within 20 minutes, according to the customer’s location.

For the customers who are travelling to Sydney. If the passenger is at Sydney Airport terminals T1, T2 and T3 the pick, then the pick-up will be from the
Priority Area, Express pick up, and Rideshare Area.

When your flight lands, we’ll monitor your flight and assign the driver accordingly. Before your luggage clearance, the customer’s driver will be waiting outside the terminal, and he will call you. Also, you don’t need to call the company.