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Badu Gili: Wonder Women

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An amazing six-minute projection on the eastern Bennelong sails of the Opera House explores First Nations stories as part of the free daily experience known as Badu Gili, which translates to “water light” in the Gadigal language of the traditional owners of Bennelong Point.

Watch the sails come to life with Badu Gili: Wonder Women, a brand-new projection honoring the works and lives of six female First Nations artists. It was developed in partnership between the Opera House and the Art Gallery of New South Wales to commemorate the Gallery’s 150th anniversary.

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Every day at sunset, 6.30, 7, and 8 o’clock, the sails are lit.

Highlighting First Nations culture

The Art Gallery of New South Wales, which is commemorating its 150th anniversary, and the Sydney Opera House have teamed together this year to present Wonder Women, an all-female lineup chosen by Coby Edgar, the AGNSW’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander curator and a Larrakia woman.

Badu Gili, a celebration of the long history and current vitality of Australia’s First Nations culture, carries on the customs of Bennelong Point, formerly known as Tubowgule (‘where the knowledge waters meet’), a gathering spot for community, ceremony, and storytelling for countless years.
These authentic tales highlighting our aunts are crucial, according to Edgar. “All of them have fascinating back stories and tales to tell, and they are all leaders in their respective communities.

Marlene Gilson, a Wadawurrung elder, and Yankunytjatjara woman present her transdisciplinary works in the exhibition Badu Gili: Wonder Women. Kaylene Whiskey is a Luritja woman. Western Arrarnta women like Sally Mulda Judith Inkamala, Marlene Rubuntja, and the late Kamilaroi woman Elaine Russell.

An artistic partnership between the Opera House and the Art Gallery of New South Wales was formed to commemorate the Gallery’s 150th anniversary with the exhibition Badu Gili: Wonder Women, which was curated by Coby Edgar, Curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Six female First Nations artists from all over Australia are represented in the vibrant new animation, which weaves together their works and biographies.

Since four of the artists are from arid regions, one may expect them to create dot paintings. These assumptions about what constitutes mainstream Indigenous art are questioned by the chosen works. Judith Inkamala, an Arrernte lady, specializes in recent history, natural flora and fauna, and mission era in her ceramic “story pots,” which are also known as tale bowls. Ura Kngarra Mpintjama (a big fire is coming) is the name of the story pot that was chosen for Badu Gili: Wonder Women. It honors the suffering that our nation endured as a result of the 2019–20 bushfires.

For both tourists and residents of Sydney, Badu Gili is a crucial cultural experience that attempts to promote and celebrate a feeling of national identity for all Australians.It is a key component of the Opera House’s year-round First Nations program.
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The NSW Government is pleased to support Badu Gili: Wonder Women as part of the Summer in the City initiative’s Culture Up Late program.

At the official launch of “, Badu Gili,” which honors the rich history of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, people can be seen standing close to designs by five accomplished First Nations artists from across Australia and the Torres Strait Islands on a sail of the Sydney Opera House on June 28, 2017, in Sydney, Australia.

Since 2017, the Opera House, its idealist donors, and the Australia Council for the Arts have made Badu Gili possible.

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