Wav Maxi Cabs

Cruise Terminals

Overseas Passenger Terminal

You are at an Overseas Passenger Terminal follow the best and easiest steps:

opt cruise Wav Maxi Cabs
  • Pre-book your WAV MAXI CABS and just call us on +61 481 700 500 before your arrival.
  • After doing all procedures, when you picked up your bags send us a message about your situation, on the next moment you find your maxi cabs.
  • When you are done with please move towards the same place where we drop you.
  • The pickup area is just at the front of downstairs, there we will be waiting for you with the best taxi service in Sydney.
  • We gave you the number of taxies and our experienced driver stand there with the same number for your ease

Your destination will be easy to be there with WAV MAXI CABS. In case of any issue directly call us at +61 481 700 500

White Bay Cruise Terminal

You are at White Bay Cruise Terminal follow the following steps:
wbct 115 Wav Maxi Cabs
  • As you reached at the point message us at +61 481 700 500
  • When you are done with immigration, take your all bags and luggage. After this send us a message, we are ready.
  • Now kindly move toward the place where we will go with you.
  • The parking area is just in front of the stairs all buses and coaches parked there. Your best driver with a great experience is waiting there with the same number which we send you.

Your destination will be in hands of WAV MAXI CABS experienced drivers.
In case you could not find our driver call us at +61 0481 700 500

Blessings for your journey and we are very thankful to choose us to avail comfortable services, see you again soon.

Everyone is well aware of Trust and time, these are the most important constituents for a successful transport system; to avail the best service and save your time by booking WAV MAXI CABS from your footstep and reached out to Sydney domestic and international airports. Our punctual drivers value your time and you will give us your good feedback which will make us happy. So, to avail our service again, book our cab to Sydney airport transfer on www.wavmaxicabs.com.au

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