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Event Details:

Fri 9th Dec,2022 – Sat 24th Dec,2022
Royal Botanic Garden
Mrs Macquarie’s Road, Sydney

Noel Sydney is a new and absolutely magical Christmas celebration that invites friends and family to experience enchanting Christmas markets, light installations, and nightly entertainment. It is the perfect place to get in the spirit of the holiday season and set festive emotions soaring.
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  • Noel Light Trail

– Macquarie Street
– 9th – 24th December 2022
– 8pm – 11pm

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney’s Parade Ground is home to the enchanted Digital Christmas Forest, which can be found by following the Noel Light Trail, which illuminates Macquarie Street.
Begin at the Hyde Park Barracks and observe its magnificent architecture transform into the backdrop for an animated presentation of the timeless classic, The Nutcracker.

During the holiday season, four of Sydney’s iconic buildings along Macquarie Street will undergo transformations in sound and light, telling stories of the season to passers-by.
The Mint, Sydney Hospital and the State Library will feature stunning lighting treatments on their historical facades.

When you’re on Shakespeare Place and you see a sign that says “The Sweet Way,” you’re almost there! The Sweet Way leads directly to the Digital Christmas Forest.
This beautiful Christmas colonnade leads you through the Christmas gates and onto your CandyLand candy hunt.
The final stop on this adventure is the Sweet Palace, an adaptation of the Conservatorium of Music into scenes and characters from the Nutcracker ballet.

The magic makers will greet you, sprinkle Christmas dust, and spread cheer before ushering you into the most magical Digital Christmas Forest and Noel Christmas Market the world will ever see.
The Noel Light Trail lights Macquarie Street and connects to the Digital Christmas Forest at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Follow the Noel Light Trail to see and hear the season’s stories develop in sound and light on four Macquarie Street buildings.

The Mint, Sydney Hospital, and the State Library will be lit beautifully.

You’re near the Digital Christmas Forest when you approach ‘The Sweet Way’ on Shakespeare Place. This Christmas colonnade takes you into CandyLand. This voyage concludes in the Conservatorium of Music becoming a Sweet Palace with Nutcracker scenery and characters.
The magic creators will meet you, sprinkle Christmas dust, and spread cheer before escorting you to the most wonderful Digital Christmas Forest and Noel Christmas Market ever.

  • Digital Christmas Forest

– Parade Ground, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
– 9th – 24th December 2022
– 6 pm – 10 pm

Try Bar Positano or Skimstone wines, or something else.
Combine it with local or regional cuisine from one of the 30 market stalls or pop-ups. A Brooklyn Boy Bagels bagel? Pan-fried Bao from South Coast Kimchi Co. Sweet tooths will come to Messy Spoon for a taste of the cake.
Before the concert, shop in the Noel Christmas Market to the sounds of neighborhood choirs.

  • Noel Christmas Market

– Parade Ground, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
– 9th – 24th December 2022
– 6pm – 10pm

The Noel Christmas Market is located within the Digital Christmas Forest.

The Noel Christmas Market, which takes its cues from some of the world’s most famous markets, sells more than just artisanal goods. They’re a source of encouragement.
Many vendors are showing their support for Buy from the Bush and regional producers from flood-stricken parts of New South Wales. The Noel Christmas Market is a great place to help those in need by purchasing a present for someone else.

  • Noel Christmas Sky show

– Parade Ground, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
– 16th – 24th December 2022
– 8.15 pm and 10 pm nightly

Each Christmas tree gets its own tiara.

Hundreds of magnificently dancing drones are redefining the Christmas story, igniting its spirit, and bringing joy to everyone who witnesses them.

Just you and the lights, allowing your senses to be immersed in the experience. The lights in your eyes are dancing. The sounds in your ears are whispering. The grass touching your toes, the aroma of food warming your heart, and the flavor of gingerbread lingering on your mouth.

Take out your camera and share your photographs with the entire globe.

Noel Christmas Sky show is a first for Christmas in Australia, but it will be remembered for a lifetime.

Noel Sydney recommends that some flashing light sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive individuals.

Our blog is written with your pleasure in mind. After reading this, we can safely assume that you have an insatiable need to see for yourself this magnificently shining Place. Don’t Panic There are plenty of comfortable, roomy Wav maxis by Wavcabs waiting to take you to Noel Sydney.

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