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Wav Maxi Cabs makes it simple to reserve a wheelchair-accessible taxi in Sydney.

Wav maxi Cabs has made a lot of progress in making sure that people with disabilities can take taxis. One of these is the wheelchair-accessible cab service, which is designed for people who use wheelchairs.

Wheelchair accessible taxi cabs have ramps or lifts that make it easy for people with disabilities to get in and out of the car. Also, the cars have secure wheelchair anchoring systems to make sure the passenger is safe while being transported.

You can make a reservation for a Wav maxi wheelchair taxi service either by visiting our website and selecting “Wheelchair Accessible Taxi” as your preferred option or by calling the number listed on our website to speak with a representative directly. These services are available around the clock and can be reserved in advance or on short notice.

Most of the time, a wheelchair-accessible taxi in Sydney costs more than a normal taxi. This is because the driver needs more equipment and training to drive the vehicle. But the government of New South Wales gives subsidies to people who qualify, which can help with the cost.

We have taken a big step towards making the transport process more open and easy to use for anyone and everyone. By giving passengers with disabilities a safe and easy choice, we help them take part in their community fully and get to services and activities they need.

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Do I have the option to bring my companions with me to the WAT?

You certainly can, but in order to reserve your WAT, you will need to let us know how many people will be travelling. Wheelchair-accessible taxis are vans that are equipped with ramps, lifts or foldable ramps. A variable number of passengers can be accommodated in each vehicle due to factors such as the type of vehicle and the amount of people who use wheelchairs. Therefore, if you inform us the amount of passengers, we will supply a safe and comfortable car for you.

Can I bring my assistance pets with me into the WAT?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your Pet along on your trip; however, we reserve the right to request a copy of your Pet’s ID card that accompanies your animal so that we can verify that it is in fact a service animal. This is done to ensure the safety and comfort of travelers, both with and without their animals. We are aware that the presence of your pet in public transportation can offer you a sense of freedom and comfort. Assistance animals are animals that have been taught to assist their owners. Because of this, we do not discriminate against individuals who require the use of a service animal.

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Which kind of lift are the WAT's equipped with?

 For the convenience of our customers who use wheelchairs, every one of our taxis is equipped with either a ramp or a hydraulic lift. Because of this, getting into and out of the cab is a breeze, and riding inside is a comfortable experience. Our drivers have received extensive training to make effective use of these accessible features, and they are happy to assist our passengers. They are equipped to handle any circumstance, guaranteeing passengers that they will have a safe and enjoyable journey regardless of what may arise. We are quite proud of the fact that we are able to meet the transportation needs of all of our customers, regardless of their level of mobility.

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FAQ's - Wheelchair Accessible Taxi

Booking your transfer in advance is always a great way to avoid last moment hush hush. You can reserve your (WAT) Wheelchair Accessible Taxi through our website or by calling us you can also mail us giving all your trip details after completion of your Booking steps you will get a confirmation call from our executive. That’s how you can reserve a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi by Wav Maxi Cabs.

Most of the time, a wheelchair-accessible taxi in Sydney costs more than a normal taxi. This is because the driver needs more equipment and training to drive the vehicle. But we do have subsidies schemes to people who qualify, and we are also among the NDIS Transport providers which can help with the cost.

We offer two wheelchair-accessible vehicles: a Maxi Cab and a Conventional Cab. A Maxi Cab can handle larger wheelchairs and has a higher passenger capacity, making it a good choice for mobility-impaired travellers with companions. Smaller wheelchair users or solo travelers may prefer a Conventional Cab.
We must know if you want a Maxi Cab or a Conventional Cab when you reserve. We can match your needs with the right car. We aim to offer a secure, dependable, and pleasant means of transportation to all individuals who use our wheelchair accessible taxi services. Whether you need a Maxi Cab or a Conventional Cab, our skilled drivers will help you get to your destination on time.

Traveling with freedom
Easy Booking System
Easy Entry/Exit
Safe & Reliable
Travel with non-disabled family and friends
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There are numerous Attractive Locations in Sydney. Wav maxi wheelchair transport Sydney can be reserved at any time and from any location. With their professional manner and skill behind the wheel, our drivers are always performing their duties of providing special-needs passengers with hassle-free transportation. Just give us a call and let us know the specifics of your travel, confirm your reservation with us, and leave the rest to us.