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Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Australian National Maritime Museum


Event Details:

Date: 28-Nov to 5th Mar
Suburb: Sydney
Cost: $25-Adult, $15-Child, $20-Concession,
$70-Family, Member-Free.
Address: Australian National Maritime Museum, Murray Street, Sydney NSW, Australia.

Reunite with nature.

The 57th Wildlife Photographer of the Year returns to the Maritime Museum for a second consecutive year!
The natural world, in all its splendor and precariousness, is expertly captured in an exhibition that has garnered international acclaim and has traveled straight from the Natural History Museum in London. Pay a visit to the museum to view some of the most incredible wildlife photography in the world.
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The Australian National Maritime Museum is showcasing some stunning animal photography in its current exhibition. This exhibition comes from London’s Natural History Museum and offers over a hundred remarkable photographs that highlight unique animal behavior, beautiful species, and the breathtaking diversity of the natural world.

The photographs, which make use of the extraordinary capacity of photography to evoke a range of feelings in viewers and encourage them to become advocates for the environment in the future, shed light on tales and species from all over the world.
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The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is widely regarded as the most prestigious competition of its kind in the world of photography. It offers a stage on a global scale for the exhibition of photographs depicting the most amazing and difficult natural phenomena. Over 50,000 people from every country in the world have entered the challenge thus far.

This year’s exhibition includes several photographs by Australian photographers, such as Eggs of life and death by Caitlin Henderson and The great swim by Buddhilini de Soyza. Douglas Gimesy’s A dangerous huddle, Justin Gilligan’s Rich reflections, Juergen Freund’s Mushroom magic, Christian Spencer’s Stardust, and Adam Oswell’s Elephant in the room.

These stunning photographs bring to light the incredible variety of life on Earth and arouse feelings of curiosity and awe in viewers. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition sheds light on the critical challenges that we are up against and the collective action that is required of us. The exhibition tells the story of a planet that is under pressure. Audiences will be moved to action by this year’s exhibition, which will empower them to campaign for the natural world.

The planet Earth is home to over eight million different kinds of plants and animals in addition to the human population. We owe it to future generations as well as all other forms of life to preserve the environment in order to ensure that all living things, including ourselves, can continue to thrive. Animals must be protected in order to ensure the health of ecosystems and the natural world. Do pay a visit to the Wildlife photographer of the year exhibit, and while you’re there, bring to mind how vital it is to preserve natural habitats and animal populations.

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