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In Greater Western Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia, you’ll find the suburb and significant commercial centre known as Parramatta. On the banks of the Parramatta River, it may be found around 24 kilometres (15 miles) to the west of the core business district of Sydney. It is common practise to refer to Parramatta as the principal business district of Greater Western Sydney.

Parramatta serves as the administrative centre of the local government area that is comprised of the City of Parramatta. In addition, Parramatta has a long history as a second administrative centre in the Sydney metropolitan region. It currently serves as the location for a number of state government departments in addition to state and federal courts. The term “Parra” is frequently used in everyday speech to refer to it.

The oldest European settlement in Australia is Parramatta, which was established as a British colony in 1788, the same year that Sydney was established. Today, Parramatta serves as the economic hub of Greater Western Sydney. Since the year 2000, a number of government organisations, including the New South Wales Police Force and Sydney Water, have moved their headquarters out of the central business district of Sydney and into Parramatta.

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